How to Overcome a Reading Slump

If you have been busy with work and life and realised you haven’t picked up you book in over a week or if you’ve simply not been in the mood to read, that probably means you are in a reading slump. The first thing to know about reading slumps is that they are totally normal and actually healthy. Just like the rest of your life ebbs and flows, so does your reading. As much as we all want amazing reading weeks all the time, that just isn’t possible and that okay! Here are some things that help me when I am in a reading slump but desperately want to get back to my books.

  1. Return to an old favourite. This may be your favourite childhood fantasy book series that fills you with nostalgia or a book you read recently and adored. These books will always be there for you, you can return to them time and time again and they offer you comfort in times of need – like when you are in a reading slump.
  2. Pick up a really thrilling and gripping novel. Whether this is actually a thriller/mystery or not, choose a book that you have seen great reviews for that you think will keep you engaged and interested. Some authors I would recommend that never fail me would be Taylor Jenkins Reid, Steve Cavanagh and Beth O’leary.
  3. Try a new genre. I know this may seem daunting, especially if you are in a reading slump and not interested in picking up books you usually love. However, a change may be just what you need. You never know, you might discover a new favourite that you would have never usually picked up!
  4. Read a short book. Finishing a book, no matter how short it is, always feels like such an accomplishment when you are in a reading slump. But it will give you the motivation and encouragement to pick up another book and then another until you have completely overcome your reading slump! If you would like some recommendations for short books you are sure to get through past, stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post!
  5. Try an audiobook. Audiobooks are great when you are busy and you don’t have the time to read but they are also great when you can’t be bothered to read. You can listen to an audiobook while you do chores, go grocery shopping, on a walk, while doing a jigsaw and loads more. You can get a free audiobook with a free months trial of or if you have a library card you can sign up for apps like Borrowbox or Libby where you can listen to you library’s audiobooks which is an amazing free alternative.
  6. Don’t pressure yourself to read if you don’t want to. The most important thing about reading slumps is recognising they are totally normal and to allow them to pass naturally. If you force yourself to read when you are not in the mood, it will only make the feeling worse and prolong the process. Taking a break from reading is healthy and sometimes necessary, so don’t beat yourself up whenever you don’t want to read.

I hope this was helpful! What helps you deal with a reading slump? Use the comments to let me know or come chat to me over on bookstagram!

Ro x

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