My Unpopular Bookish Opinions

Good evening! I have seen a recent trend circulating bookstagram where people react to other peoples’ unpopular bookish opinions, so I thought I would share my own. These are all my personal opinions that should be taken lightly as this is just for fun.

  1. I love annotating, dog-earing and cracking the spines of my books. I want my books to looked used, read and loved so I always read with a pen or highlighter and sticky tabs by my side. I never want my books to be just display items and I love the thought of my future family getting an insight into me through my notes in the margins of books.
  2. Audiobooks DO count as reading. What does it mean to read? I means meeting new characters, experiencing new worlds and cultures, and following a journey. Audiobooks don’t inhibit any part of the storytelling process and often they add to someones reading experience. Therefore, reading via an audiobook is not inferior to reading via a physical book. It is an ableist view to think audiobooks don’t count as reading, as you are denying blind or visually impaired individuals or anyone with a disability that prevents them from physically holding a book their only resource and form of reading. Also, there are many people who don’t have the time to physically sit down with a book and turn the pages and so opt for audiobooks as it allows them the read the books they want to read while also staying busy.
  3. Sometimes, not liking a book proves how good it is. Just because you don’t like a book, doesn’t mean it is trash. More often than not, the most memorial books will be the ones you disliked instead of the middle of the road books or even books you enjoyed. The next time you think you dislike a book, ask yourself why. Is it because the book is actually problematic or is it because the author was able to make you feel uncomfortable? Sometimes, and I say sometimes because not always, if an author is able to make you feel any type of strong emotion, even if that is discomfort or dislike, that is credit to their talents as an author.
  4. I prefer stand-alones to series. This has always been a quality of my reading, ever since I was young. Maybe I just haven’t found the right book series for me yet, but I have always prefered a single book that will be over in roughly 400 pages than having to get use to a whole new world and characters.
  5. Personally, I find most thrillers underwhelming. Similarly, maybe I just haven’t read the best thrillers yet but I have only read a handful of thrillers that were actually good and I enjoyed. The plot is usually predictable, so I am able to guess the twists which mean I am not thrilled or scared.
  6. I don’t like bookshelves that are organised by colour. Now don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful but I just don’t understand how they are practical. Splitting up series because each book is a different colour, not having all of an author’s work in the same place and not being able to find anything because it’s neither genre or alphabetically organised just seems chaotic.
  7. The characters are the most important part of a book. Although plot and writing have the ability to make a phenomenal book, I personally believe that characters play a the most pivotal role. I want to see how the plot affects the characters and how they grow and develop, this is how I can relate to a book. I’m not saying I have to like the characters, I’m just saying I have to care what happens to them.
  8. Now this may be very hypocritical but giving books a 1-5 star rating really doesn’t make sense. I usually give a star rating when I am reviewing books but this is something I struggle with all the time and I wondering if we even should rate books. If I rate a book 4 stars, that doesn’t mean that I really enjoyed every single aspect of the book. Maybe it was a really good book heading for a 5 star but then had one very problematic element to it. Alternatively, I may not be enjoying the book and thinking of giving it a low rating but then the ending turns out to the best book ending in all literature which bumps it up to a 4 stars. Star ratings can never be fully objective as some people will see a 3 star and think its a bad book, where as someone else might think that is a really really good book, while neither of them will read the rest of the review. So really what is the point?
  9. You don’t need to read classics if you are not interested in them. Personally, I have been trying to read more classic literature because I have found I have enjoyed them in the past and I am actually interested in them. However, if you find no enjoyment out of reading classics and couldn’t think of anything worse, then there is no need for you to read them. It does not make you any less of a reader if you haven’t read Pride and Prejudice.

I really wanted to make this list into a nice, even 10 but I honestly couldn’t think of another unpopular opinion. I would like to reiterate that these are all my own personal opinions and I really don’t care about how you organise your bookshelves or whether you rate your books or what genres you find most underwhelming, this is all just for a bit of fun. I have said it before and I will say it again, what makes this community so great is that everyone has different opinions and tastes and just because you say, do or read something that is not popular, it doesn’t make you any less of a reader or any less worthy of being in this community. If you have any of the same unpopular opinions as me let me know so we can chat about them! Also, if you disagree with my opinions, let me know so we can chat about them too!

Ro x

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