Ghosts by Dolly Alderton: BOOK REVIEW

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A huge Thank You to NetGalley, Penguin UK Books and Dolly Alderton for an advanced reader’s e-copy of this book!


Nina Dean has arrived at her early thirties as a successful food writer with loving friends and family, plus a new home and neighbourhood. When she meets Max, a beguiling romantic hero who tells her on date one that he’s going to marry her, it feels like all is going to plan.

“A new relationship couldn’t have come at a better time – her thirties have not been the liberating, uncomplicated experience she was sold. Everywhere she turns, she is reminded of the time passing and opportunities dwindling. Friendships are fading, ex-boyfriends are moving on and, worse, everyone’s moving to the suburbs. There’s no solace to be found in her family, with a mum who’s caught in a baffling midlife makeover and a beloved dad who is vanishing in slow-motion into dementia.”

I knew I was going to enjoy this book as it delves deep into a character’s psyche, family, relationships and development instead of following an elaborate plot arc – and I was absolutely correct. I’m sure this book will be insanely relatable for a lot of people, not only those in their thirties but of any age, if they find they are confused about life and how to handle what it throws at you. Nina’s story is told in such a profound and poignant way which helps build a connection between the characters and the readers. Alderton’s elegant writing allows her to strike a good balance between humour and kitschy romance & showing the trials and tribulations of real adult life, from lost love, fading friendships and irreversible illnesses. The author doesn’t sugar-coat things and isn’t afraid to put across a powerful message that may be hard to hear for some, which is shown in the atypical ending that strays away from the conventional happily-ever-after troupe.

I think this is a book that most people need to read as a reminder of what really matters in life. I would highly recommend it!

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